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Important: SE Product Upgrade Program

March 22nd 2007, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

EMM Labs Inc., the world's premier provider of digital audio converter systems announced today that it will discontinue its SE upgrade program April 30th 2007. Customers who would like to upgrade their DCC2 and/or DAC6e to SE specifications should contact the EMM Labs service centre to book their upgrade before the end of April. Please contact sales @ emmlabs to schedule your upgrade. Upgrades will be scheduled according to availability.

For more information please contact EMM Labs Inc. at 403.225.4161 Email:

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Important: EMM Labs Appoints Shahin Al Rashid Director of Sales Worldwide

March 15th 2007, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

EMM Labs Inc., the world's premier provider of digital audio converter systems announced today the appointment of Shahin Al Rashid as its new Director of Sales. Mr. Al Rashid is an entrepreneurial executive with a strong technical background and more than 12 years of experience managing product development, sales and distribution for various tech based companies. Over the past four years, he has successfully been in charge of EMMís product distribution in Asia. Shahin will be responsible for enhancing EMMís distribution and increasing brand recognition through targeted marketing and synergistic partnerships worldwide.

Mr. Al Rashid can be reached at 778.216.1782 Email:

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One-Box Wonder from EMM Labs

Wednesday, November 1, 2006, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Basically, it's the sum of our collective experience in digital audio wrapped in a single box," said company founder Ed Meitner about EMM Labs' newest product, the CDSA SE CD/SACD Player.

The CDSA SE is a single-box, dual-format player that upsamples all incoming CD audio to double the native DSD rate—something no other player has done before. In other words, 44.1kHz signals are internally processed at 5.6448MHz. This is reported to have enormous sonic benefits for CD audio reproduction.

"We've made significant advances in the area of CD playback," said company partner Andreas Koch. "CD now sounds remarkably like SACD," he continued. "There is a level of resolution and refinement to both that you won't find in any other player."

Also responsible for that refinement is Meitner's discrete dual differential D-to-A conversion circuit. "Since this is a statement product, we weren't going to be shackled by the limitations of off-the-shelf DAC chips from Burr Brown, Crystal, and the like," said Koch. Instead, EMM developed its own proprietary DAC circuitry that is "free from the differential non-linearities present in every D/A chip created to date."

The CDSA also features the companys new aerospace-grade composite laminate circuit board that is said to provide several performance advantages over conventional board materials. MSRP for the CDSA SE CD/SACD Player is $9995.00. It is slated to ship in December.

For more information please contact EMM Labs Inc. at 403.225.4161 Email:

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Significant technical advances distinguish EMM Labs Signature Edition products from their award-winning predecessors

Thursday, June 15th, 2006, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

EMM Labs today unveiled details about the proprietary technical advancements in their new Signature Edition products. Each taking more than a year to develop and each an engineering breakthrough by itself, when combined, the sonic results have been described as nothing short of revelatory.

"Our proprietary discrete dual differential D-to-A conversion circuit is absolutely unique," explains company partner and vice president Andreas Koch. "In fact, it's the first of its kind. Up to now, every audio company, EMM Labs included, had to depend on mass-market chips for conversion purposes. These chips weren't designed for the best possible sound quality. Far from it. They're used in MP3 players, after all. So they have to be small, to fit on those tiny PC boards, and they have to be inexpensive because MP3 is a price-sensitive market."

"Developing a conversion circuit from scratch gives us total control over the most delicate and critical processes that determine sound quality," said company founder Ed Meitner. "We had no cost or board-space constraints. Our goal was to create the world's best sounding converter, period."

Not every audio company can do this, of course, because of the technical wherewithal it requires. It also requires a deep understanding of the conversion process itself and a real commitment to R&D. "The conversion circuitry alone took more than a year to develop," continued Meitner. The result is a converter that's "free from the differential non-linearities present in every multibit D/A chip created to date."

The DCC2 SE and the DAC6e SE also feature EMM Labs' new composite laminate circuit boards. The materials in these boards are very expensive and up to now have been used exclusively in aerospace applications where quality, rather than cost, considerations are critical.

The advantages of the new Signature Edition boards are considerable. They enable copper traces to be microscopically smooth on top and bottom, significantly reducing skin effect issues. They offer superior strength and vibration resistance and raise the resonant frequency of the board far out of the audio band. Finally, the board's lower dielectric losses and superior heat conduction ensure a more uniform temperature gradient across the circuitry, increasing stability and longevity.

The CDSD SE has a breakthrough feature of its own in the form of new Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT) signal processing technology. MDAT is a radical new approach to signal processing. Rather than address the digital signal as a series of sine waves-as is standard convention-the MDAT-equipped CDSD SE processes (and upsamples CD audio to DSD for conversion to analog) by dynamically adapting to the transient nature of musical signal. In this way, the CDSD SE is utterly unique and singularly able to preserve both the phase and frequency integrity of the original signal.

Andreas Koch comments, "The benefit of MDAT technology is obvious and instantly audible for SACD and CD playback. In fact, most of the feedback we've been getting from consumers and reviewers is about the stunning improvement in CD playback quality."

Ed Meitner concludes by saying, "We've always been a technology-first company. For us, it's all about what's inside the box. That's why our products get so many outside-the-box accolades and in the final analysis, that's why they sound more like the music they're designed to reproduce."

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