Ed Meitner has been creating state-of-the-art professional and audiophile products for decades. If the job can be done, Ed will do it. If it can't be done, Ed will figure out a way to do it. His focus has always been singular—addressing the needs of his customers and in so doing, creating music production and reproduction equipment that's unerringly faithful to the music itself.

The analogue mixing consoles Ed designed back in the early 1970's for Olive Electrodynamics Company, for example, are still sought after today. So too are his Museatex and Melior audiophile products. His original thinking in the field of audio design led to several patents including:

  • Reproduction equipment for digital audio
  • Very low jitter clock recovery from serial audio data
  • Adaptive digital audio interpolation system
  • Magnetic pickup preamplifier
  • Retrofitable CD player system

Other notable accomplishments include creating the world's first VCA-controlled preamplifier. The first commercially available cryogenically treated cables. The legendary BiDat converter. The coveted MTR-101 amplifier. So what's next for Ed? More of the same, of course.

Lifetime Achievement Award
to Edmund Meitner
from Positive Feedback Online
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